Z-727 Adjustable 2nd Tier

Keyboard Stands & Accessories

Z-727 Adjustable 2nd Tier

Color Black

SKU Z-727-U

Fully adjustable add on second tier with tilt, height, depth and width for WS-550 keyboard stand (requires WS-562 accessory bar).

(Note: can only be used together with the Z-714, Z-729 or Z-730 options on the Z-716L stand.)



Additional Info Tier angles: 90, 80, 70, 60 deg


Weight Kg 3 kg
Weight Lbs 6.6 lb
Height Adjustment 4 positions: 9.2", 10.2", 11.2", 12.2" (23.5, 26, 28.5, 31 cm)
Tier Depth 12" (30.5 cm)
Weight Capacity 75 lb (33.8 kg)

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