Z-716L Keyboard Stand

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Z-716L Keyboard Stand

Color Black

SKU Z-716L-U

The Z-716L is an extra wide, single tier height adjustable “Z” type keyboard stand.

Options: Z-720L, Z-727, ZM-93, ZM-94, ZM-99




Additional Info Side to side width: 44" (111.8cm) |


Weight Kg 8kg
Weight Lbs 17.7lb
Height Adjustment 26.3", 27.5", 28.7", 29.9", 31.1", 32.3", 33.4" (67, 70, 73,76, 79,82 85cm)
Leg Depth 23.75" (60.3cm)
Tier Depth 19.75"(50.2cm)
Brace Tube Size 30 X 50mm
Weight Capacity 250lb (113kg)

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