WS-421 Keyboard/Mixer Stand

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WS-421 Keyboard/Mixer Stand

Color Black

SKU WS-421-U

The WS-421 is a portable, heavy duty, height & width adjustable keyboard/mixer stand with foldable legs.  Sturdy frame provides a solid base for supporting all kinds of gear, including keyboard/controllers, digital pianos, DJ coffins, recording and audio equipment.  The WS/421 design grants maximum leg room for comfortable playing, in addition to providing a large area for placement of floor pedals.  Height adjustable to 12 positions from 25.6″ to 37.8″ (65 to 96 cm), this stand is great for tall musicians.  The telescoping frame is width adjustable from 25.2″ to 39.37″ (64 to 100 cm) allowing you to custom tailor the stand to the exact size of your equipment.  Musicians’ ideal solution for use at home, recording studios, stage or rehearsal environments.  Heavy steel construction for years of reliability.  Folds flat in a snap for easy storage and transport.

Options: WS/422, QLX/4*, QLX/5*, LPH/X*, IPS11*

* Note: can be used only in combination with WS/422 add-on tiers.



Additional Info Folded Dimensions: 27.95" x 14.57" x 5.3" (71 x 37 x 13.5 cm)


Dimensions Width Range: 34.25" to 48.4" (87 to 123 cm)
Depth: 23.6" (60 cm)
Weight Kg 8 kg
Weight Lbs 18 lb
Height Adjustment 25.6" to 37.8" (65 to 96 cm)
Brace Tube Size 30 mm
Weight Capacity 178 lb (80 kg)

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