BX-718 Keyboard Bench

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BX-718 Keyboard Bench

Color Black

SKU BX-718-U

Deluxe Keyboard Bench with Large Extra Thick Seat Cushion

  • Constructed with 30 x 30 mm steel tubing and arc-welded joints
  • Unique spring-loaded locking pins at base of the safe and secure height adjustments
  • Four height positions
  • Padded seat cushion reinforced with dual steel rails
  • 300 lb (135 kg) weight capacity
  • Durable, textured vinyl seat covering

Quik Lok’s Unique Height Adjustment System

Close up of BX-716 and BX-718 unique height adjustment locking system

The BX-716 and BX-718 benches use a superior, heavy duty, locking system with double steel rails and dual spring-loaded pins on each leg for safe and secure height adjustments. Simply loosen lock screws, pinch together the spring -loaded pins, slide leg into one of four height positions, pins snap into place and then retighten lock screws.



Seat Dimensions Depth: 12"- 30cm

Width: 24"- 60cm

Thickness: 3.15"- 8cm

Weight Kg 5kg
Weight Lbs 11.1lb
Height Adjustment 18.5", 20.6", 22.3", 23.8"
 (47, 52.5, 56.5, 60.5cm)
Leg Depth 21.5", 19.7", 17.7", 15.7"
 (54.5, 50, 45, 40 cm)
Weight Capacity 300lbs (135kg)

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